Guide to Lisbon Portugal

Guide to Lisbon Portugal – is a team of professionals that will show you the European recluse beauty – Portugal.

Guide to Portugal

Guide to Portugal. We will do our best to make your vacations unforgettable and full of interesting events since it’s very important in our daily routine and high speed environment to have a breath of a fresh air.

Portugraal renders a full range of tour support in Portugal.
Оur managers will book a hotel or apartment accommodation for you, will arrange an airport transfer.


Оur guides will meet you at the hotel and will give you an interesting tour, they can aslo order tickets for corrida bullfight. We guarantee the best value for money!

Оur portfolio includes individual and group tours and transfers.

Оur drivers are providing accompany support, so that you don’t need a guide.

This option is highly demanded: the driver will take you to the place, will wait for you while you are enjoying the monuments and making photos, will advise on where you can take a dinner and what’s the best place to buy a bottle of port wine.

Why should you choose us?

All our guides are strong professionals, they have a license, insurance and official permits to give a tour.
All of them speak several languages, really love and know the country. We are focused on the satisfaction of our clients and we do want you to feel happy and come back again.

Guide to Lisbon

,Guide to Portugal,Guide to Lisbon Portugal

Guide to Lisbon,Guide to Portugal,Guide to Lisbon Portugal
Guide to Lisbon,Guide to Portugal,Guide to Lisbon Portugal

Guide in Lisbon and Portugal

Our team:

✔ Igor Zorin: guide, Portuguese           +351 968917263
✔ Oksana Morozova: guide, Russian   +351 963512894
✔ Olga Mikhalkovich: guide, English  +351 965449647

Para mim, a principal coisa que cada hóspede tenha encontrado o seu exclusivo Portugal!
Igor Zorin

languages : Russian- Portuguese -Polish-Ukrainian

Мне очень приятно, когда я снова с вами встречаюсь через год или два.
Oksana Morozova

languages : Russian- Portuguese

I would like to share with you my knowledge and feelings about this fantastic country.
Olga Mikhalkovich

guide, English

Hello , my name is Igor . I work as a guide and a driver who accompanies and familiarizes visitors with the beautiful Portugal . With me you will enjoy tours and theme tours. Those who prefer nature and good view would be pleased too because I will accompany them as a guest conductor. For me the main thing is that each guest will be marveled with something unique in Portugal . This wonderful country , » where the land ends and the sea begins » is rich in history, nature, and friendly and tolerant people!

I hope after reading this greeting our meeting will happen very soon !
See you!


My name is Oksana. I live in Portugal for over 20 years. Based on my professional experience, formation and knowledge my intantion is that guests want to listen me with motivation and interest. For this to happen I arrange you information about the country and its surroundings with humor and always in an accessible way! Thus, I hope you can return to this wonderful country and that we can meet again! For me this is the best evaluation of my professional activity!

I hope we can cross soon!

Hello, My name is Olga. I’m the guide in Portugal. All ready many years I’ve been showing this beautiful, tasty, amazing country to our guests from all over the world.
It was love from the first site between me and Portugal!I would like to share with you my knowledge and feelings about this fantastic country.
Many years of experience working as a guide, live as a citizen of this country and knowledge from my education will make our trip interesting, comfortable and unforgettable!
Everyone here will open His or Her own Portugal, and I will help you with it!)

See You in Portugal!

About us

Guides in Lisbon and a guide in Portugalii.Portugal a team that will introduce you to a recluse Europe Portugal!
In today’s world of high technology, a mad rhythm of life, it is important to spend your vacation interesting and useful.

Guides in Lisbon in Portugal and the guide-Portugraal.
We offer you: Individual excursions, group, excursions, transfers across the country.
Since you will be working professional guides who are educated and know their business.

Demand option driver and escort.
You will be transferred to the historical places, wait (while you explore the monument and make fantastic photo) show where to eat.

Guide to Lisbon,Guide to Portugal,Guide to Lisbon Portugal

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